Q: Unable to update Netgear router firmware, getting an error message,” the firmware file might be incorrect or corrupted?

S: You might get an error message, Firmware file is incorrect or corrupted while updating Netgear router firmware, in such scenario, make sure your computer is connected with Netgear router with an ethernet cable,Try restarting the netgear router and then start the firmware upgrade process, if the issue still persists, reset the Netgear router to factory default settings using a paper pin for 10 seconds, router lights will flash momentarily, wait for the Netgear router lights to turn solid white, then open a web browser ,type http://routerlogin.net in address bar of the browser, a login screen will appear, enter your login credentials, click on Advanced tab,Click on Firmware update option, alternetaivaly you can manually download Netgear firmware file from Netgear download centre,Make sure you download correct firmware file as per your Netgear router model and version number,you can check for Netgear router hardware version details from Netgear router label itself, after downloading the firmware file, extract .exe firmware file and then update your router firmware. If router power light is blinking, in such cases you need to update Netgear router firmware using tftp.exe.


Q: How to configure Netgear router in access point mode?

S: Netgear nighthawk routers can be configured in access point mode so that you can amplify existing gateway network, to configure netgear router in access point mode connect an ethernet cable from existing gateway to your Netgear Nighthawk router i.e from LAN slot of existing gateway to LAN slot of Netgear nighthawk router, connect your computer/laptop with netgear router wirelessly, you can check for netgear router ssid and network key password from netgear router label itself, open a web browser and type http://routerlogin.net in address bar of your browser, a login screen will appear, use username as admin and password as password in lower case, Netgear router login GUI screen will appear, click on advanced tab, then click on wireless settings option, select turn on access point mode option,you will get a prompt to enter ip address settings, you can either select obtain ip address automatically option or select manually obtain ip address option,click on save and apply option, your router will reboot once,then reconnect your devices with Netgear router. (NOTE: Netgear router login webpage i.e www.routerlogin.net will not open in access point mode, to access Netgear login webpage use DHCP IP address assigned to router from existing gateway.

Q: How to set up parental controls on Netgear router?

S: Parental Controls can be activated on almost all Netgear nighthawk series routers so that you can filter or block  phishing webpages , block adult content wesites or social networking websites, to activate parental controls on your Network, download Netgear genie application on your computer which is connected to Netgear router,run Netgear genie application, click on parental control option, click on create a new open DNS free account, register your email address,select your preference mode, to either high, low or medium , then select the keywords you want to add or block, you can even select the time periods or time block for parental control on your open dns account .

Q: How to add or block devices using Netgear genie application or via Netgear router login default webpage console?

S: You add or block wireless client devices from your network using Netgear Genie application, simply click on attached devices option, you will be able to check all wireless and wired clients connected to your network, you can add a device using WPS(wifi protected setup) option, to block any device simply select device IP address or MAC address and then click on block option, you can add or block device using Netgear genie application or by using Netgear router web management page www.routerlogin.net.

Q: How many wireless devices can be connected with Netgear router wirelessly?

S: You can connect 32 wireless devices with Netgear single band, if your router is dual band then your router can handle 64 wireless devices.

Q: Netgear Nighthawk router is not broadcasting 5ghz band, I am unable to connect with the 5ghz band as it is not listed in the list of wireless access points?

S: Check status of 5ghz light on your Netgear nighthawk router, if the light is off, press and hold wireless on/off button on your netgear router for 3 seconds,if still the led light on 5ghz is not ON, login to your Netgear router login web management page using web address www.routerlogin.net or www.routerlogin.com, a login screen will appear, enter your login credentials,click on wireless settings option,turn ON wireless radio for 5Ghz wireless SSID, make sure wireless isolation is off, click on apply and save changes,sometimes users are unable to connect with 5ghz bandwidth network due to pending security  firmware update, make sure your Netgear router firmware is updated to latest.